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Facts on Hair Replacement Systems

Custom hair systems must be molded properly by an experienced technician/stylist
professionally designed to match your:
   - Hair Color
   - Density
   - Texture and Curl
   - Hair Direction
   - Percentage of grey hair ,if needed.

Be aware of advertisements that promises and guarantee custom fit….we all know that what sounds too good to be true …usually isn’t.
A mold may be taken for you....but it doesn’t mean that it is used to order a custom hair system…many times it is used to match the many numbers of stock systems that is in the back room.

The fact about internet order…. to custom fit hair systems to clients or even have one match,
the client has to be present.
Ask yourself….can you custom fit a pair of shoes or jacket for example for a person without the person physically present? Of course not.
Mail orders are just that…it can sometimes look presentable….but if you want your hair to look good and be done right…it must be custom fitted and ordered properly in person.

Don’t make your decisions based on price and fancy sales pitches and names.
Base your decision on facts, logic and common sense.

Make sure you know who you are dealing with over the internet….if you can’t see the company and person(s) behind the business ….be suspicious.

At Hair Transformations we will meet you personally and do an actual mold and design with you present along with a thorough private consultation to answer all your questions.
Our clients are available for you to talk to by phone at your convenience, if you prefer advice from a client’s perspective…..upon request.